Hi there! We're a small web & mobile development company. This is the kind of stuff we like to do:
Product Management
We believe a sound business idea and a talented, dedicated team with a common goal will always win out over a larger competitor... Since we are developers ourselves, communicating clearly with other devs is second nature. We strive to lead by example instead of swagger, and respect those most, who “speak quietly and carry a big stick."
Rapid iteration and incremental development? Great! Developing an application with no basic specification or design? Mm...not so great. Starting to develop software without a very clear idea of what it does is bound to be very expensive and somewhat fruitless, kind of like trying to build a house with no plans. We enjoy finding elegant solutions for complex problems, building a simple, intuitive UI/UX, and questioning assumptions along the way to a clear plan of action.
Web Development
We build each site from a blank slate, according to its particular needs, by hand. We try to be as well-informed, flexible, and open-minded as possible. Our curiosity about the newest frameworks, databases, meta-languages, and deployment strategies is both inexhaustible and very... proportionate to the need to fulfill a business need fast. We are always walking the line between using plugins / tools for fast iteration and writing as much as possible from scratch with time-tested techniques, to keep our options for future growth as open as possible.
Mobile Development
Recent reports say that for every 8 minutes of mobile usage, 7 of those are in mobile apps. This is where the rapid growth is for most businesses. We can help you form a mobile presence from design and UI to the app development itself. We place an emphasis on simple, creative, and innovative designs that are intuitive for all to use. We work primarily with iOs in both Objective-C and Swift.
Data Science
Information is key to making sound decisions. While we are humble in our knowledge of this vast and rapidly-developing field, if you need some basic machine-learning functionality, help with data visualization or managing and extracting value from large data sets, it's very likely that we can help you.
Digital marketing
We've had experience in e-commerce, travel, food/leisure, and telecommunications. SEO and site redesigns, managing larger-budget paid campaigns (SEM, referrals/co-branding, remarketing, et al), both working with enterprise level tools and building custom sms, mail and social marketing tools from scratch.